Updated 01.16.2015
Producers | Everything is|Films 
Writer + Director | Michael Morgenstern
Director of Photography | Judy Phu 

We are screening at the 2015 REELOUT Film Festival in Kingston, Ontario in Canada on Saturday, January 31st at 2pm at The Screening Room
Updated 01.10.2015
Updated Narrative Cinematography Reel!
Updated 11.25.2014
Updated 11.19.2014
Updated 09.19.2014
A BABY FOR SARAH documentary 
Director | Tracy Droz Tragos
Director of Photography | Judy Phu 
Updated 08.19.2014
Producers | Radiant Features 
Director | Trish Sie
Director of Photography | Judy Phu 
Trish Sie's OK Go music videos are some of the most innovative oh my gawd let's watch it again, and again eye candy on the Internet. So fun watching her work with the dancers and playing with her trademark lo-fi visual style. 
Updated 07.29.2014
Creator + Writer | Chaedria LaBouvier
Directors | Chaedria LaBouvier + Lucretia Stinnette
Director of Photography | Judy Phu 
Hilariously written comedy project with onset improvisation. We shot a few episodes over the past couple months. The creator candidly and humourously details the ins and outs, difficulties and insane discipline required to develop and produce a webseries at THE MAROON COLONY's official website  
Updated 07.01.2014
Writer + Director | Jonathan King
Director of Photography | Judy Phu

shot on location in Southeastern Ohio.
Updated 06.01.2014
PBS Digital Studios MATH CLUB 
Producers | Radiant Features 
Director | Dylan Robertson 
Director of Photography | Judy Phu 
Math Club is a comedy sketch show featuring amazing young talent being funny about ... MATH! 
Watch episodes
here. Half of them are DP'd by Judy Phu. 
Updated 05.01.2014 TEEN TECHNORATI 
Producers | SharkPig + WIRED mag +Christine Beebe 
Directors | Christine Beebe + Milena Pastreich 
Director of Photography | Milena Pastreich 
2nd Unit DP + B Cam | Judy Phu 
Teen Technorati is a docuseries following 40 brilliant innovators under the age of 20 competing for the THIEL FELLOWSHIP. Watch the series
Updated 04.02.2014
Producers | The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation + Eyes of the World Media 
Director | Judy Phu 
Director of Photography | Cat Deakins 
Writer | Charlemagne A. Rafols 

Voices will be programmed and aired on Comcast cable channel 99 on the show, STOP THE VIOLENCE for the next few months. 
It will be distributed online as well, on Stop the Violence's
website and youtube station. 
Updated 03.17.2014
Suddenly Dead : An Existential Moment 
Directors | Cheyanne Kane + Judy Phu
Director of Photography | Judy Phu

Wrapped March 2014.

Updated 03.10.2014
Detained in the Desert screens at the 21st Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival on 3.18.14 at 730pm and 3.23.14 at 5pm.
Exec. Producer + Writer | Josefina Lopez  
Director | Iliana Sosa
Director of Photography | Judy Phu
Updated 02.18.2014
Just Say Hello Campaign 
Greener Media / O, The Oprah Magazine / Skype
Directors | Phil + Jesse from Greener Media
DPs | Bernard Hunt, Judy Phu
"O, The Oprah Magazine, has teamed up with Skype to combat loneliness and encourage more face-to-face interaction."
Click on image to watch. 
Updated 01.28.2014
Publication | China Modern Weekly
Clients | China Nike Global, Nike

Photograph of Mark Parker, CEO of Nike on front cover of Business section ; as thumbnail on front cover
Photographs of Parker and Kobe Bryant
Updated 01.08.2014
Writer+Director | Michael Morgenstern
Director of Photography | Judy Phu

Watch Lily in the Grinder's new trailer. 
Updated 01.03.2014
Happy New Year! 
New The Lovely Rejects website
Updated 11.19.2013
Bonnaroo SooperGroop Docu-series released
Director | Jackson Adams
Director of Photography | Topher Osborn
Camera Operator + 2nd Unit | Judy Phu
click on image to watch

Shot on Location at the Bonnaroo Music Festival 2013 in Manchester, TN back in July.

Updated 11.09.2013
Detained in the Desert premieres in San Diego, CA 
as part of a fundraiser for
November 10 2013, 2:30pm and 5:30 pm 
2921 El Cajon Blvd. Tickets $25.00 (tax deductible)
Updated 11.01.2013
The Laundromat documentary 
had its first public screening along with filmmaker and mental health professional Q & A forum Oct 26 2013 at the James Bridges Theater 

photo by Dylan Chapgier
Updated 09.30.2013
Detained in the Desert (is my first narrative feature as Director of Photography.)
World Premieres at the 16th Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival.
October 11th 2013 at 5pm at the Grauman's Chinese 6 Theater.
Tickets can be purchased
Updated 09.09.2013
Producer | Ed Helms, Kids at Play Media  
Director | Ryan McFaul
Director of Photography | Topher Osborne 
Cam Op | Judy Phu 
  Yahoo! just released their fall comedy series. 
  Click on the image above to watch. 
Updated 08.31.2013
Holy Strippers, with artist Amit Desai.
Holy Strippers conjures the styles of Robert Mapplethorpe and Caravaggio. We featured people from across the country who understand the significance of the bodies we are born into and exposed themselves to the lens, some for the first time, some without any shame, some with hesitation, all in glory.
Shot on location in Miami, FL. 
Updated 07.31.2013
OPEN MIKE a black and white comedy
Writer + Director | Luis Silva
Director of Photography | Judy Phu 
Shot on location in Los Angeles, CA.

Updated 06.22.2013
a music video for PECULIAR GENTLEMEN, for song LONELY LITTLE GIRL 
Director | Monin Sak 
Director of Photography | Judy Phu 
Shot on location in NYC, New York. 

Wrapped June 2013.
Updated 05.31.2013
Writer + Director | Michael Morgenstern 
Director of Photography | Judy Phu 
Shot on location in Brooklyn and NYC, New York. 

Wrapped May 2013. 
Updated 05.20.2013
Reject construction worker | SHANGHAI, CHINA 

Just returned from my first time in Asia with a photography project called REJECTS IN ASIA. 
Updated 04.15.2013
My first feature will have a work in progress screening at Hanoi's amazing speakeasy venue, CAMA ATK
So excited to receive feedback from this intelligent and beautiful part of the world. 
Link to TNH Vietnam's announcement
Updated 03.23.2013

Writer+Director | Lucretia Stinnette
Director of Photography | Judy Phu 
Shot on location in Seoul, Korea. 

Wrapped, March 2013. 
Updated 03.21.2013
Reached it. 
So grateful that my first feature, The Lovely Rejects had a successful kickstarter campaign for post-production funds! 
Updated 03.12.2013
HERE WE GO AGAIN music video
Performer | Jami Belushi 
Producer | James Belushi 
Director | Cory Miller 
Director of Photography | Judy Phu 
Shot in Santa Monica and Brentwood, CA.  

Wrapped, March 2013. 
Updated 03.12.2013
YOU DON'T KNOW music video
Performer | Jami Belushi 
Producer | James Belushi 
Director | Cory Miller 
Director of Photography | Judy Phu 
Shot on location at The House of Blues 

Wrapped, March 2013. 
Updated 03.12.2013
SAD SAD SONG music video 
Performer | Jami Belushi 
Producer | James Belushi 
Director | Cory Miller 
Director of Photography | Judy Phu 
Shot on location at The House of Blues, Los Angeles and Brentwood, CA. 

Wrapped, March 2013. 
Updated 03.10.2013
WILD GEESE premiere
Writers+Directors | Jamil W. Smith + Brittany Ballard 
Producer | Maura Anderson 
Director of Photography | Judy Phu 

I'm late with the updates... 
Wild Geese (formerly A Beautiful Way to Stay) premiered at CINEQUEST 2013 in early March. 
Updated 03.09.2013
MR. VINEGAR's CATASTROPHE is a feature length film in development 
Writer+Director | Peter Elbling 
Director of Photography | Judy Phu 
Peter wrote Honey, I Blew up the Kids. I loved those movies! I always wanted to be so small I could nibble at a slice of cake for weeks, or so big I could snap the roof off a bakery so I could steal all their cakes with my giant fingers. 
Check out the website for Mr. Vinegar's Catastrophe. It features a blog written by Mr. Vinegar's cat, Jonesy. Yep, a blogging cat. 
Updated 03.09.2013
MR. VINEGAR and the ANTS is completed! 
Writer+Director | Peter Elbling 
Director of Photography | Judy Phu 
Starring | Peter Elbling, Beans Morocco, Ruth Silviera, Carole Androsky (some of TV's great comedy faces) 

Click on the image to link to the short film. 
Updated 02.19.2013
I directed my first feature last year. Yikes! Never thought that could happen ...ever. It was up for a huge post production grant as a San Francisco Film Society / KRF grant finalist in 2012. We came close.

Now the film needs help on kickstarter. Everything helps. 
Be lovely. Be a reject.

Updated 02.15.2013

MEET THE ACTOR Sundance Segment with Brie Larson. 

This was one of my absolute favorite projects at Sundance 2013.  

Director of Photography | Judy Phu 
Producers | Radiant Features + Sundance Institute 
Editor | Alex O'Flinn
Updated 02.10.2013
The interview with Robert Redford airs on Sundance Channel in Europe and Asia this Sunday, Feb 10 2013 at 10pm.

Director of Photography | Judy Phu + Cat Deakins 
Producers | Radiant Features
Updated 01.14.2013

Cinematography reel updated

Check it out here.
Updated 12.15.2012

Work from the recent weeks below.

Framework | Benjamin Millepied + Mark Bradford.
Shot with the wonderful Cat Deakins.
AFI Fest 2012 | Interviewed Korean film master Kim Ki Duk, Red Carpet for Lincoln with Spielberg, Tommy Lee Jones and Oprah.
Updated 12.14.2012

Writer + Director | Iliana Sosa 
Director of Photography | Judy Phu 

CHILD OF THE DESERT makes the list of 2013 Live Action Short Oscar Qualifiers
Updated 12.14.2012
Sundance Institute Alumni Spotlight Interviews with Diego Luna and Rashida Jones
Updated 10.21.2012
Writer+Directors | Brittany Ballard + Jamil W. Smith
Producer | Maura Anderson 
Director of Photography | Judy Phu
Shot in Cypress Park, Los Angeles. 

Wrapped October 2012
Updated 09.21.2012
Been working with Choreographer Benjamin Millepied's L.A. Dance Project on Dance Art films, art docs -- all things creatively exciting.
Worked on Framework, a unique live dance experience at the MOCA -- I'm a huge fan of Mark Bradford, and was insanely proud to be involved.

And on L.A. Dance Project's World Premiere at the Music Center in the Walt Disney Concert Hall.
Updated 07.30.2012
The Lovely Rejects update

Just wrapped Pick Ups on The Lovely Rejects.
Look at the beautiful still from TLR's talented cinematographer, Jeanne Tyson.
Updated 07.15.2012
Detained in the Desert
Based on the play by Josefina Lopez
Director | Iliana Sosa
Director of Photography | Judy Phu
Wrapped, July 2012.
Updated 06.08.2012
Writer + Director | Lili Gu
Director of Photography | Judy Phu
Wrapped, June 2012.

Life sized Ape puppetry, stop-motion, sweet love story.
Updated 05.19.2012
Detained in the Desert
Executive Producer | Josefina Lopez
Director | Iliana Sosa
Director of Photography | Judy Phu

The feature length film, Detained in the Desert, has just launched their Indiegogo campaign!
Click on the image to check it out and donate to a good cause and important film.
Updated 05.18.2012
Au Pair update
Director | Paul Reisinger
Director of Photography | Judy Phu

Au Pair has just been awarded the Indie Fest "Best of Show" Award.
Updated 05.02.2012
Child of The Desert update
Director | Iliana Sosa
Director of Photography | Judy Phu

Child of the Desert is awarded the 2012 Best Narrative Short and the 2012 Texas Award at the USA Film Festival!
Updated 04.30.2012
Director | Masami Kawai
Director of Photography | Judy Phu
Almost There premieres May 13, 2012 at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.
Screening at the Director's Guild of America.

More info here.
Updated 04.11.2012
Director | Vanessa A. Yee
Director of Photography | Judy Phu
The Laundromat is a story that lives beyond the screen. It is an ambitious, multiplatform documentation of people's deepest, darkest secrets.

The website is up. Click the icon or here to check it out.
Updated 03.26.2012
Director | Peter Elbling
Director of Photography | Judy Phu
Wrapped, Feb 2012.
Wrapped photography on a scene from the comedy feature MR. VINEGAR and the ANTS by resident comedic Actor/Writer PETER ELBLING last month.
Updated 03.26.2012
More screenings of CHILD OF THE DESERT, directed by Iliana Sosa with cinematography by Judy Phu coming up...
APRIL 13, 2012, 6:30PM & APRIL 14, 2012, 1:00PM at the 2012 AMC Kansas City Film Festival!
MARCH 28, 2012 6pm at SOUTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY in AUSTIN, TX : Special screening of CHILD OF THE DESERT in honor of César Chávez's life and legacy. Writer/Director Iliana Sosa is the invited keynote speaker and will be discussing her filmmaking career and activism.
Updated 02.22.2012
Just wrapped a photo shoot for FRESAS, an upcoming new reality show by Iliana Sosa.
Check out FRESAS's Facebook page.
Check out FRESAS's site.
Updated 02.22.2012
CHILD OF THE DESERT is screening at the 2012 CINEFESTIVAL in San Antonio, Texas on February 26, 2012 at the Guadalupe Theater.

They make a special remark on their program about CHILD OF THE DESERT's cinematography, "stunning cinematography of a spare and beautiful Southwest desert."

Click on the image to buy tickets and see their program.
Updated 02.13.12
Director + Cinematographer | Judy Phu

Wrapped, February 2012
Updated 02.13.12

Director | Maryam Nassehpour Davis
Director of Photography | Judy Phu

Just wrapped photography on this one. Loved it.
Updated 12.5.11
A DAY AS HOLLY'S KIDS is the recipient of a 2011 CINE Golden Eagle Award.
By winning this award, A DAY AS HOLLY'S KIDS has joined an amazing community of films and filmmakers. Check out the distinguished winners here.
Updated 11.28.11

THE LOVELY REJECTS, my first feature just wrapped principal photography.
Now in post. Click here for more info.
Updated 11.2.11
will premiere at the
SHORTS PROGRAM 1: Friday, Nov. 4 at 10:00am (Masonic Lodge) FAMILY BLOCK : Saturday, Nov. 5 at 10:00am
SHORTS PROGRAM 1 : Saturday, 11:30am (Masonic Lodge)
Updated 11.2.11
Director: Vanessa Yee
Director of Photography: Judy Phu
Currently in production.
The feature length film, The Laundromat, is currently raising production and completion funds. Click the image above to check out the kickstarter page. Watch the trailer there too.
Updated 11.2.11
Iliana Sosa's CHILD OF THE DESERT, starring 2011 Independent Spirit Award winner for Best Supporting Female, Dale Dickey (Winter's Bone), is completed.

Director of Photography | Judy Phu

Watch the trailer below.
Updated 7.27.11
Summer Updates

Been Camera departmenting it up on commercials, promos, endless web content. Playing with the many digital camera formats : the AF-100, RED EPIC, Arri Alexa, all the HDSLR's and it's many accompanying accessories.

Assistant teaching a Digital Cinematography class at UCLA. Learning and teaching at the same time.
Updated 6.4.11
 interviewed by The Daily Bruin in their write up on the Francis Ford Coppola One Acts.

Click on images to read the article.
Updated 5.24.2011
directing a play as part of the ...

Click on poster for more details and to reserve tickets.

At UCLA's 1340 Studio Theater, Macgowan Hall
June 2, 3 & 4, 2011 at 7:30 p.m.
June 4, 2011 at 2 p.m.
Updated 5.04.11

awarded Audition for Barbie with the BEST COMEDY AWARD

click on the image for more info
Will Cook ! Pilot
Shot on location in Hollywood at the (absolutely amazing!) Sowden House :
and at the Hollywood Farmer's Market (2 camera guerrilla style).
Director | Carolyn Coal
Director of Photography |Judy Phu
Wrapped, March 2011

Produced by NoCo Media Group
Shot on location in Los Angeles, CA.
Director | Paul Reisinger
Director of Photography | Judy Phu
Stills by Baron Norris.

Wrapped, February 2011. 
Family Pride
Shot on location in Woodland Hills, CA.
Director: Moana Sherrill
Director of Photography: Judy Phu

Wrapped, January 2011.

Child of the Desert
Shot on location in El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Director: Iliana Sosa /
Director of Photography: Judy Phu

Wrapped DEC 2010
Updated 9.28.10
More news about "Voices".

... "Short Films Address Public Education in America" ....
click on image links below
Updated 9.15.10
"Voices" gets a mention in Variety.